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Is it normal for my baby to be born with teeth?
Written by Surrey Dental Hygiene Clinic

Is it normal for my baby to be born with teeth?

It is all too common, but it is true that there are cases of babies who, at the time of birth or within the first weeks of life, have some tooth, which is known as natal or neonatal teeth.


The neonatal teeth usually occur more often in girls than in boys. Either way, you have to go to the specialist to determine what to do with them. In ancient times, when there was a case of this kind, it was felt that this baby was special, was seen as very positive. Today, this “myth” has been dropped and some studies say it could be a hereditary influence.

Cases are more common in women than in men, and are the lower central incisors which tend to occur prematurely.The presence of neonatal teeth can in turn be associated with certain syndromes, such as cases of children with cleft lip, where it is common that appear.While at first glance these teeth have a normal appearance, appearing prematurely interrupts the mineralization process and displayed rare disorder, which means they have a greater tendency to suffer wear and fading.

It is necessary to go to the specialist, as it is quite likely that these teeth have no roots and are not normally set, which could be a risk to the child and you run the risk of swallowing and cause

The abnormal growth of these teeth may be uncomfortable for the baby, and that could bite your tongue. In addition, it can be painful for the mother in case you’re nursing, it could lacerate his breast.

The specialist is responsible for determining what should be done with these natal or neonatal teeth, because there is also the possibility that the tooth is properly secured and this risk does not exist.

What is to practice often recommended extraction, although it must spend at least 10 days to generate newborn vitamin K, essential for clot formation.

The baby will be local anesthetic and once you take the collection, you will be asked the mother to immediately give the baby to suck the little favor is peaceful and healing that way.