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Here is what some have said about us...

"After seeing Ronnie at Surrey Dental Hygiene Clinic for a cleaning I would like to say that I highly recommend her. This was my first teeth cleaning where I didn't feel like I was being rushed. She really made me feel very comfortable .Thank you Ronnie for removing the stubborn stains and making my teeth sparkling clean. I was very impressed with the before and after pictures of my teeth; which I never was able to see at my regular dentist's office. I shall see you on my next hygiene appointment". -Roshni Babita Deo

"After seeing Ronnie at Surrey's Dental Hygiene Clinic for a cleaning I would just like to say I highly recommend her & will definitely be going back there again for my next hygiene appointment. Not only was she extremely thorough with the ...level of care put into the whole appointment but also used some new pieces of equipment that I as a hygienist as well would love to use. Thanks Ronnie my teeth are still crazy smooth! " - Chelsea, RDH

"I went to see Surrey Dental Hygiene Clinic last month after a few months not going to the dentist for a cleaning. I was concerned with about my oral health. It was professional office space and Ronnie is friendly and careful to make me comfortable. I was also offered a treatment that I was never offered at my regular dentist office. I recommend going to Surrey Dental Hygiene Clinic." - Karima Nanji, Urban Admin Inc.

"I have known Ronnie Singh since 2005 while she was working as an Administrator and Treatment Coordinator for my present dentist.

In all the front line people that Iíve had the opportunity to meet in my life; Ronnie is truly one of a kind. Her public relations skills is gentle friendly and welcoming. She made me feel comfortable to find the trust in going ahead with my dental treatment. Without Ronnieís attributes, my personal fear of dentistry would have made these procedures agonizing.

Ronnieís eagerness to help people and do the best work possible makes her a tremendous asset in a position worthy and appreciative of her talents.

I strongly recommend Ronnie Singh as a hygienist; she takes great pride in her work. She is thorough and takes her time in explaining what she is doing and what I need to do to look after my teeth at home." - Oby Joss

"I have been a client since 2006. I am writing to you to commend the work of Ronnie Singh.

Why? What's so special about her? Let's begin with her personality. It has a quality of dedication to her profession that makes ME feel that I am not... just her job or... a cog in the wheel of her examination process. Indeed, Ronnie seems able to convince me that we are both 'team members' in the care of my dental hygiene. Having been capable of eliciting such concern for ME in a way that I've never felt before in a dental office....I have then felt DUTY bound to be equally inspired to really walk the extra mile yet again.... to pick up the proverbial torch (in this case a toothbrush & dental floss combo) and, more than ever before, to clean my teeth with precision! In a nut shell... Ronnie...cares so much about my teeth that I CARE RIGHT ALONG WITH HER!!! It is no longer an agonizing and begrudging trip into the dental chair to be probed and stretched and hastised and alienated....I am instead encouraged and eager to work ALONG with Ronnie.....such an experience is EMPOWERING as opposed to demoralizing! It takes no genius to figure out that this is EXACTLY the approach that you want.& Ronnie has succeeded. I don't know how one can TEACH empathy and genuine concern...perhaps a person just 'HAS IT or DOESN'T HAVE IT' Ronnie's case.... it is a natural extension of both her talent & her excellent training thus far! Clearly your Ronnie deserves to be recognized as exceptional.

In addition, I would like to take another moment to thank Ronnie for going the extra mile and applying a process to my treatment called, I believe, Duraflor. Ronnie's excitement in explaining this composite that would reduce my hypersensitivity was really heartwarming and as such... I found myself 'intrigued' rather than OPPOSING an 'unknown' process... as some people who fear dentistry are prone to occasionally do! (much to their own detriment) Ronnie did not steer me wrong and as such I will in the future sit up and take ...FURTHER notice...when she is recommending a procedure or treatment to me. Successful dentistry is REALLY all in the MAGIC of the execution as much as in the skill of the practitioner! That's the ART of have the fine touch...FINESE! In a beat....Ronnie's got it!!!! She compelled me to be eager to try Duraflor and she did not steer me falsely...Duraflor DID reduce my pain ...actually it seemed to eliminate it altogether...and subsequently brushing my teeth is no longer something that is 'uncomfortable' due to my recessed gums...a condition of which I am the dubious owner as well as the dubious creator!

Finally, I would like to thank Ronnie Singh for affording to me the opportunity to learn to CARE about how teeth can be both cleaned as well as improved upon... based solely on the degree that I commit to brushing and flossing! I never really understood that as clearly as I understand it today! My childhood did not include any dental care, subsequently; I was marginalized in my education regarding dental hygiene AT IT'S BEST. I no longer have such an excuse and today I am all the wiser and better for it.

Thank-you!!!!"-Dora Cottrell